3twelve Salon's Full Range of Hair Services

Step into 3twelve Salon for a comprehensive suite of hair services tailored to your needs. From luxurious hair extensions to vibrant color treatments, we offer an array of expert services designed to elevate your style and beauty.

3twelve Salon: Unveiling Your Hair's True Elegance

Explore Our Signature Services

Explore a world of hair perfection with 3twelve Salon's specialized services. From transformative hair extensions to vibrant coloring, we offer a suite of options to redefine your style and enhance your natural beauty.

Stunning Hair Extensions

At 3twelve Salon, we offer luxurious hair extensions that blend flawlessly with your natural hair. Choose from various types including keratin, micro-bead weft, and ghost extensions, all designed to enhance your look with elegance and sophistication.

Artisan Hair Coloring

Step into a world of color at 3twelve Salon. Whether you desire a complete color change, subtle highlights, or the latest balayage trend, our expert coloring techniques will bring your vision to life with vibrant, long-lasting results.

Expert Haircuts at 3twelve Salon

Experience a customized haircut that complements your unique style at 3twelve Salon. Melody's expertise in both dry and wet cuts ensures a perfect match for your face shape, personality, and hair type. Whether you're seeking a bold new look or a simple trim, our haircuts in are tailored to reflect the real you.

Revitalizing Hair Treatments

Indulge in our specialized hair treatments at 3twelve Salon, designed to rejuvenate and restore your hair's natural luster. From deep conditioning to keratin treatments, our services cater to various hair needs, ensuring your locks regain their strength, vitality, and shine.

Gentle Hair Removal Services

At 3twelve Salon, we offer professional hair removal services, providing a smooth and comfortable experience. Our waxing techniques are gentle, effective, and tailored to minimize irritation, ensuring you leave our salon feeling refreshed and confident.

Elevate Your Style with

3twelve Salon's Expert Touch

At 3twelve Salon, Melody delivers a bevy of up-to-date hair services that include some of the industry’s latest trends. Offered here are natural-looking human hair extensions, which will blend right in to your own hair, as well as extension removal.

Coloring services include highlights, lowlights, balayage, and regrowth touch-ups, and treatments for your locks include a keratin complex smoothing treatment as well as keratin lock treatment.

Haircuts at 3twelve Salon

Discover your perfect style with Melody's custom haircuts at 3twelve Salon. Catering to both men and women, we provide haircuts tailored to your face shape, personality, and hair type. Choose from our range of services:

Curly Girl Cuts: Highlight your curls with a curly girl cut starting at $100.

Regular haircut: Enjoy a wet or dry cut without styling starting at $50.

Haircut with styling: Elevate your look with a wet or dry cut plus styling from $75.

Men’s haircut: Get a classic, sharp men's cut for $30–40.

Hair Treatments for Revitalization

To supplement a haircut, coloring, or styling on dry or damaged hair, you may want to consider adding a hair treatment. Hair treatments can bring back the strength, vitality, and shine to your hair. These generally take no longer than 1.5 hours. Melody offers the following hair treatments:

Keratin complex smoothing treatment: Experience deep revitalization with our keratin complex treatment for $300+.

Keratin lock treatment: Say goodbye to frizz and lock in moisture and color with this express treatment for $175+.

Gentle Hair Removal Services

At 3twelve Salon, Melody also offers hair removal by way of waxing. Hair removal is done safely and effectively with hypoallergenic wax, meaning you will experience less redness and irritation. The following waxing services are available and can be added to any service:

Eyebrow waxing: Shape your brows to perfection.

Upper lip waxing: Achieve a sleek look with our upper lip waxing.

Hair Extensions for a Flawless Look

Enhance your style with luxurious hair extensions at 3twelve Salon. Melody, an expert, specializes in creating natural, seamless extensions that complement your look perfectly. Our range includes:

Individual keratin extensions: Customizable extensions that blend beautifully for a natural look. Pricing available upon consultation.

Micro-bead weft extensions: Comfortable, durable extensions using medical-grade micro-beads. Pricing available upon consultation.

Ghost extensions: Perfect for temporary length and volume, starting at $400+.

Extension removal: Safe and gentle removal of extensions for $125/hour.

Artistic Hair Coloring Services

Discover your ideal hair color at 3twelve Salon. Melody's expertise in hair coloring ensures a personalized and vibrant outcome, with services including:

Regrowth touch-up: Maintain your look with single color touch-ups.

All-over color: Achieve a new, uniform color from roots to ends.

Highlights/Lowlights: Add dimension with partial to full highlights or lowlights.

Balayage: Get a natural, graduated color effect with our balayage service.

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Hear from Our Happy Clients

Dive into the stories of transformation and satisfaction shared by our valued clients. At 3twelve Salon, each testimonial is a testament to our dedication to beauty, excellence, and the personal touch that makes every hair journey unique.

I’m not sure what I would do without Melody at 3Twelve in my life!  When I met her 8 years ago, her products and expertise changed my hair forever!  She’s not only an expert in her field but also a genuine and beautiful individual. You won’t just get a hair treatment during your appointment, you might just get a friend for life!  ❤️

Audrea Weimer

Hairstyling, Hair extensions

"I made my first appointment with Melody and she’s my hairstylist now for good! She made a plan for getting my hair back to healthy, and the cut she gave me while we’re getting there is so cute! It feels so fresh and light and my hair hasn’t looked this healthy in so long. The color is perfect as well. Highly recommend Melody with 3twelve Salon!"

Leanne Tolbert

Hair Cut

I was struggling with my curls so much, so I came in for a curly cut. Not many people know how to do a curly cut. Melody taught me so much about my curls and how to care for them. The shape and curl pattern is restored and I am in love with the result.

Stacey O'Connor Person

Hair Cut, Curly Hair

Your Hair Care Questions Answered

Dive into our FAQ section where we address your most common queries. From the basics of our services to specific details, find all the answers you need to begin your journey with 3twelve Salon.

What types of hair extensions does 3twelve Salon offer?

Dive into our FAQ section where we address your most common queries. From the basics of our services to specific details, find all the answers you need to begin your journey with 3twelve Salon.

Do you offer haircuts for both men and women?

The longevity of our hair coloring depends on the type of service you choose. For example, balayage can last up to 12 weeks, while regular touch-ups might be needed more frequently.

What hair care products do you recommend?

Absolutely! We offer customized hair coloring services. Our expert stylists can create a unique color blend that perfectly matches your desired look.

How should I prepare for my hair extension appointment?

We recommend coming in with clean, dry hair. Avoid using heavy styling products beforehand to ensure the best results.

What is the process for getting a balayage at 3twelve Salon?

Balayage at 3twelve Salon involves a freehand technique where color is applied by hand rather than using traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques, creating a more natural, blended effect.

How long does hair coloring at 3twelve Salon last?

We specialize in various high-quality hair extensions, including individual keratin, micro-bead weft, and ghost extensions, all designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Can I get a custom hair color at 3twelve Salon?

Yes, at 3twelve Salon, we provide tailored haircuts for both men and women, ensuring a style that suits your face shape, hair texture, and personal style.

Do you offer bridal or special event hair styling services?

Yes, we offer bespoke styling services for brides and special events. It's best to book a consultation to discuss your needs and ideas for your big day.

Are the hair coloring products you use safe?

Safety is our top priority. We use high-quality, safe products that are gentle on your hair while delivering vibrant, lasting colors.

How often should I get my hair trimmed?

We recommend getting a trim every 6-8 weeks to maintain your hairstyle and keep your hair healthy.

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