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Have questions about our services at 3twelve Salon? Our FAQ page is here to provide you with detailed answers. Find all the information you need about our hair care services, processes, and what to expect when you visit us.

Your Questions, Answered with Care

Dive into our treasure trove of frequently asked questions, where clarity meets luxury. Each answer is crafted to guide you through your beauty transformation journey, ensuring every moment at 3twelve Salon is as magical and satisfying as you deserve.

What makes 3twelve Salon the top choice for hair extensions?

At 3twelve Salon, we specialize in providing the highest quality hair extensions, blending expert craftsmanship with the finest human hair. Our personalized approach ensures that every extension looks natural and seamless, enhancing your beauty.

How does Melody at 3twelve Salon ensure a unique hair coloring experience?

Melody brings over 10 years of experience to 3twelve Salon, offering a bespoke hair coloring service that transforms your hair into a work of art. From balayage to full color transformations, each service is tailored to reflect your individual style and beauty aspirations.

Can 3twelve Salon help me choose the right type of hair extension for my style?

Absolutely! At 3twelve Salon, we understand that each client is unique. We offer a variety of extension types, including keratin, micro-bead weft, and ghost extensions. Our expert consultation will help you choose the perfect match for your hair type and style goals.

What hair coloring techniques does 3twelve Salon specialize in?

3twelve Salon is renowned for our diverse hair coloring techniques. We excel in balayage, highlights, lowlights, and all-over color, ensuring each client leaves with a vibrant, stunning look that reflects their personal style.

How does 3twelve Salon ensure a luxurious and comfortable experience?

Our salon is designed for luxury and comfort, offering a tranquil environment where clients can relax and enjoy their hair transformation. Melody's warm, expert approach ensures a comforting experience, making every visit to 3twelve Salon a delightful escape.

What are the benefits of choosing 3twelve Salon for hair services?

Choosing 3twelve Salon means opting for unmatched expertise, personal attention, and a commitment to beauty and luxury. Our comprehensive range of services, from hair extensions to coloring, are all performed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Does 3twelve Salon offer customized haircuts along with coloring and extensions?

Yes, 3twelve Salon is not just about extensions and coloring; we also offer customized haircuts. Melody tailors each cut to suit your face shape, personality, and hair texture, ensuring a perfect, personalized look.

What makes 3twelve Salon's approach to hair coloring unique?

Our uniqueness at 3twelve Salon lies in our personalized approach. Melody stays updated with the latest trends and uses only the finest products, ensuring each coloring service is a unique, luxurious experience.

How can I maintain my hair extensions from 3twelve Salon?

At 3twelve Salon, we not only provide exceptional hair extensions but also educate our clients on proper maintenance. We offer tailored advice and product recommendations to keep your extensions looking beautiful and lasting longer.

What makes 3twelve Salon stand out among hair salons?

3twelve Salon stands out for our commitment to luxury, personalized care, and expertise in hair services. Melody's passion for hair beauty, combined with our welcoming atmosphere, makes us a premier destination for those seeking the best in hair care.

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